Marjana´s blog is about personal reflections about different art theories, written texts and books, which I am about to use in my further research for PhD. I am going to write reports of exhibitions, museums and art institutions that I visited, and about artists that I met, as well as different workshops that I intended.
My interest is to find the edges between science and art. My background education is art and art history, art theory, philosophy, painting and printmaking and I hold two teaching degrees in Master of Art.
I have to say, that I was privileged that I was raised by my father, who was a professor of nuclear science and that I could have many different discussions with his research colleagues, which are as well notable scientists. These discussions, about different theories, took place from my early age. One of them which were one of my favorites was if The Big Bang theory is an absolute and only ultimate truth. Their answer was “Oh, it is still the only theory!” Somehow, I was not satisfied with the answer(s) so I was thinking how limited science can be with this kind of theories, so this might be a reason that I became an Artist.